Green Point Stadium was built for the purpose of hosting the World Cup 2010 matches. Read on to know more on the stadium and the matches to be played at the same.

Green Point Stadium

Located in one of Cape Town’s most prominent areas, the Green Point Stadium makes for an extremely advantageous stadium that was built specially for the purpose of hosting the FIFA World 2010 matches. The stadium during the planning process was also referred to as the African Renaissance Stadium. 

The stadium found itself courting controversy when there were protests against it being built in a predominantly white part of Cape Town. Work at the stadium often also went through patches of delay due to strikes against low wages paid to workers. However, the stadium capable of hosting a capacity crowd of 68,000 fans was fortunate enough to be completed on time. It will play host to one of the two semifinals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The Green Point Stadium is believed to be one of the most modern stadia in the world. It boasts of a retractable 37,000 square-meter roof that weighs 4500 tons. The state-of-the-art roof has 360 inner spotlights and permits more natural light to fall on the surface of the pitch. The stadium fulfills green standards on the allocation and reusability of resources and is also surrounded by a 60-hectare urban park. 

The venue apart from hosting the matches, will also host concerts and other major events. The stadium lays claim to the privileged distinction of being located a few minutes away from the ocean. Cape Town’s transportation hub is also just a short walk away from the Green Point Stadium. The land (Green Point Common) on which stadium is built on was originally much larger than it is now. It actually stretched out from the city towards Sea Point, but this was only before the Green Point Stadium was built on it.
The Green Point Stadium will play host to five first-round matches, one second-round match, one quarter-final and one semi-final.
Matches To Be Held At The Green Point Stadium
The schedule for the matches to be held at the Green Point Stadium is given below.
June 11
Group A
Uruguay Vs France
June 14
Group F
Italy Vs Paraguay                
June 18
Group C
England Vs Algeria
June 21
Group G
Portugal Vs Korea DPR
June 24
Group E
Cameroon Vs Netherlands           
June 29
Round of 16 
1H Vs 2G      
July 03
W52 Vs W51
July 06
W58 Vs W57

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