FIFA World Cup Awards

Playing in a FIFA World Cup tournament is as good as a dream come true for every national football team. It takes sheer grit and determination to get to compete at the world stage, where the participating teams are put through a test of fire to come out on top of their rivals. The players and teams that outshine their competitors, at the end of every World Cup are honored with awards that do justice to their performances. The awards, after a thorough analysis of performances and a voting process, are handed over to the deserving teams and players.

Currently there are six awards, given away by FIFA:

FIFA also releases an All-Star Team list, at the end of a tournament.

The Golden Ball Award is presented to the best player of a FIFA World Cup tournament and the Golden Shoe Award is handed over to the top goal scorer of a tournament. The FIFA Fair Play Trophy goes to the team with the fairest approach to the game during the course of the competition. The tournament’s best goalkeeper gets the Yashin Award and the best player who hasn’t crossed 21 years of age gets the Best Young Player Award. Lastly, the Most Entertaining Team Award is presented to the team that has been the most entertaining team of a FIFA World Cup tournament. The All-Star Team list is not an award, but an assorted list that comprises the best players of a particular FIFA World Cup tournament.